Idle No More Phone Script

Call the prime minister’s office after hours to encourage a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence and end colonial practices. Use it at your holiday parties to flood their answering machines and tie up constituency staff all day!

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Thanks for taking a few minutes to support indigenous peoples in Canada. The following script can be used to call the prime minister to demand that he take action to reverse canada’s colonial practices, starting by sitting down with Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence. Be sure to call after hours to ensure that you get voicemail. This is most effectively done at a house party, where you can pass the script around to your guests. The more people that call over one evening, the longer you the parliamentary staff will be tied up responding to your message!


Prime Minister Harper can be reached at:

In Ottawa: (+1) (613) 992-4211                    In Calgary: (+1) (403) 253-7990


Hello, my name is [first name + last name], and I live in [town]. I have concerns as a citizen that I want delivered to the prime minister, and I request a response from the minister by mail as soon as possible. My mailing address is [address, town, province, postal code].

Prime Minister, you need to have a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence along with the Crown immediately. It should be quite clear that the changes to the Indian Act made in Bill C-45 are opposed across Canada. I oppose your government’s move to privatize reserve lands. I do not support your actions that violate negotiated treaty rights and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The same bill’s gutting of the Navigable Waters Protection Act, Environmental Assessment Act and Fisheries Act will do more than poison our natural environment and hasten climate change. It will be a heavy blow to cultural hunting and fishing practices. By engaging in meaningful dialogue with indigenous peoples, you will get a sense of how much pain these changes will cause and learn of how to build a positive relationship between Canadian and indigenous peoples. Meeting with Chief Theresa Spence is a good start.

Prime Minister, you once told the United Nations that Canada has no history of colonialism. Yet you are violating treaty rights for the benefit of resource companies, you have cut funding for aboriginal cultural programs, education and health care, and show no sign of concern as living conditions deteriorate on reserves. I demand that you start treating indigenous peoples as your equals and take serious steps to improve social, cultural and living conditions. You must meet on a nation-to-nation basis with Chief Theresa Spence immediately.

Prime Minister, you need to take this more seriously. The state of aboriginal housing across the country is one of crisis. Rates of tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS and diabetes is far above the national average among indigenous peoples. Education is far below standards, while unemployment is far above average among indigenous peoples. Justice is nowhere to be found: indigenous people make up 3% of the population but 20% of prisoners. There are more than 600 missing aboriginal women in Canada whose cases are not being adequately investigated. And while a youth-led movement from coast to coast to coast is demanding the healthy, sustainable communities that they deserve, you are tweeting youtube videos of The Simpsons and meeting Justin Bieber. Prime Minister, action is far overdue. Call the governor general and go visit Chief Theresa Spence without delay.

Let this meeting with Chief Theresa Spence be the start of a new relationship with indigenous peoples in this land. Let us work together to build strong, healthy, sustainable communities rooted in proud knowledge of heritage. Let us work to heal the effects of centuries of colonialism. It is in your hands to begin that process of change. You have a responsibility to act.

Sincerely, [first name +last name]. Again, I can be replied to at [mailing address, town, province, postal code]

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