We incite action through campus-based working groups and community-based campaign coalitions or projects. This can involve advocacy, rallies, outreach, street theatre, media stunts and more.

NSPIRG helps to initiate, develop, and support the development of new collectives committed to addressing social or environmental injustices. In doing so, we are an umbrella for ‘working groups’ of NSPIRG which represent a diverse array of interests and priorities within the organization. The working group’s of NSPIRG are involved in mostly campus-based campaigns.

We also help develop and support public campaigns that address social or environmental injustices. The campaign coalitions and projects of NSPIRG aim to connect students with the broader community and tools for mobilizing on important causes. These coalitions and projects take the form of collaborations with other groups throughout Halifax and Nova Scotia, to work alongside community struggles in need of support.

If you are interested in starting your own working group or want to get involved in a coalition or project, we are available to help with resources and contacts!