We fund and initiate original research around environmental and social issues and independently publish our findings into a range of media.

Study In Action (SIA), an initiative of NSPIRG, works toward building bridges between Halifax’s universities and the wider community through collaborative research on social and environmental justice issues. SIA supports progressive grassroots groups who have research or design needs by outreaching to university students, networking with faculty, and facilitating research partnerships with community. Learn more about this here.

Also, NSPIRG has independently produced educational videos, audio-documentaries, zines, books, dossiers, informative websites and more. The publications and media we’ve produced are available for loan from our library or for download through the links below. Feel free to browse by theme or category of media type.

NSPIRG’s most recent research publication was in the form of a website:
This website is a new form of “Environmental Racism in Perspective”, a continuation of the In Perspective series. This website is a collection (and site for continued collection) of stories and experiences investigating the male health impacts, historical roots, and systemic issues associated with the locating of toxic industries and practices in close proximity to Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian communities.

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Interested in doing Research?

Occasionally NSPIRG will send out calls for New Publication Proposals. A past call-out is included below. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing research that fits within our mandate.

NEW PUBLICATION PROPOSALS—Proposal Deadline: Nov 1, 2010

The Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG) is currently seeking suggestions and proposals for our next publication in a variety of media (books, zines, magazines, reports, audio or video documentaries, calendars, posters, etc. etc.).
Publication proposals and suggestions should address an issue of social and environmental justice through a grassroots, action-oriented and anti-oppressive perspective. Priority will be given to proposals that address a clear need in the local community, that give voice to marginalized groups, or that address a topic that is not adequately researched or represented in the mainstream.

You should consider submitting a publication proposal if:

1. You have a great idea and want to research and produce a publication yourself. You want help from NSPIRG in the form of suggestions, funding, design, publishing, promotion and distribution.

2. You have a great idea, and want to collaborate with others to produce a publication (for examples, see NSPIRG’s In Perspective series). You want help from NSPIRG in the form of soliciting calls for content and contributors, producing content, funding, design, publishing, promotion and distribution.

3. You have a great idea for a topic, but can’t take on helping produce a publication yourself. You want NSPIRG to take on producing the entire publication on the topic you suggest.

Publication Proposals should Include: Your name, contact information (phone number and email), proposed title, a brief description of the proposed topic/project and a brief explanation of the context in which this topic is important and related to NSPIRG’s mandate. You may be asked to meet with NSPIRG staff to discuss the possibilities for partnership after this point. The deadline for accepting proposals is November 1, 2010. Proposals should be emailed to, or dropped off at the NSPIRG office in room 314 of the Dalhousie Student
Union Building.

Examples of past NSPIRG Publications Include: Single Mother’s Survival Guide (book); The Handy Dandy: A Guide to Alternative Resource Centres in Metro Halifax (print publication); Hoping Against Hope: The Struggle Against Colonialism in Canada (audio documentary); In Perspective magazine (G7 In Perspective, Women’s Health In Perspective and ED pills online - consultation for ED, Poverty in Perspective, Peace in Perspective etc.); Africville: Not for Sale (audio documentary); Proud but Cautious:Homophobic Abuse and Discrimination in Nova Scotia (report); A New Paradigm for Paying the Piper: Access, Commercialization and Control at Halifax Universities (report); and many more!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Content from Our Past
August 2007 | Print, Research

Dalhousie Inc.

“A New Paradigm for Paying the Piper: Access, Control & Commercialization at Halifax Universities” is an NSPIRG publication, authored by Chris Arsenault in 2007. The full publication can be downloaded here.

February 2007 | Video

Sowing Seeds of Change

The “Seymour Green Garden” video documentary unearths the history of the Project, an open urban garden space and grassroots collective formed at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Produced in 2007, this documentary can be viewed in 3-parts here.

January 2007 | Audio

Hoping Against Hope

“Hoping Against Hope: The Struggle Against Colonialism in Canada” is a three-part audio documentary produced by NSPIRG, in collaboration with Praxis Media Productions. Featuring the voices of Roland Chrisjohn, Andrea Bear Nicholas, Ward Churchill, Michael Parenti, and more, the full documentary can be listened to here.

September 2006 | Print, Research

Poverty in Perspective

As part of its In Perspective series, NSPIRG launched “Poverty in Perspective” in 2006, examining the face of homelessness and inequality in the province with anecdotes, analysis, and original illustrations. The publication is available for download here.

May 2006 | Print

Single Mothers’ Survival Guide

In 1989, single mom and activist Brenda Thompson, published the first Single Mothers’ Survival Guide. The guide recognized the economic, social, and political hardships experienced by single mothers and offered specific and practical information on how to cope when living in poverty in the metro-Halifax area. A fifth edition of the book, updated in 2006, is available for download here.