Current Working Groups

NSPIRG’s working groups are the key to enabling broad participation in the organization. They are crucial to NSPIRG’s effectiveness in research, education and action for social and environmental justice.

Working groups are organized to address particular issues, and are open to students and non-students; all that’s required is interest in the subject matter. They organize their own activities without direct oversight from the NSPIRG board of directors or staff, and are therefore relatively autonomous. Working groups can form around various issues, as long as they are consistent with NSPIRG’s mandate and principles. We encourage greater participation in existing working groups and the formation of new ones to increase the diversity of the NSPIRG community. Working groups have no maximum limit of members, and can include as few as a single organizer.

Anyone has the opportunity to start a working group through NSPIRG-Dal and receive support from the organization including funds for projects, education and promotion, and access to NSPIRG-Dal resources (office space, computers, projector, megaphone, supplies, etc). For more information about starting your own NSPIRG-Dal working group, please email or see the general guidelines.

*A note to existing working groups – if you wish to be a working group against this year YOU MUST RE-APPLY!*